Waist Pants, Functional Class 2

Waist Pants, Functional Class 2


Offers enhanced saw protection, yet easy to wear for light forestry work. High-quality fastenings provide good fit, while ventilation zippers, ruler pocket, reflex bands and extra reinforced knees, ankles and lower legs ensure safety, productivity and comfort.


Size S, Size M, Size L, Size XL


Reinforcement on Knees

Extra reinforced knees to withstand tough use and extend product lifetime.

Reinforced Protection Pad

The lower part of the protection pad on the inside of the trousers is reinforced to protect the saw protection from wear and ensure high durability.

Completely Covered Chainsaw Protection Pad

Saw dust can not as easily penetrate the saw protection material.

Ventilation Zippers on Back of Legs

Zippers at the back of the legs let you adjust the airflow to your liking.


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