Turbo-MAX-CPT 36V

Turbo-MAX-CPT 36V

The pulsFOG Turbo-MAX-STD 36 V is an ideal tool for direct fogging treatments. It provides high mobility due to its light weight and is very simple to operate.

Flow Rate Droplet Size Spectrum
5.8 l/h – 22 l/h 10 – 50 μm


Max Motor Power 500 W
Solution Tank Capacity 5 l
Power Supply  2x 18V CAS Batteries (4 Ah to 10 Ah)
Effective Fog Throwing Range (max) 20 m
Droplet Size Spectrum 10 – 50 μm
Dosing Nozzle Sizes 1.0 & 1.2 mm
Overall width 31 cm
Overall length 45 cm
Overall Height 31 cm
Dry Weight 6.8 kg

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