Trimmer head T35 Universal

Trimmer head T35 Universal


Exclusively designed by Husqvarna the T35 Universal trimmer head features a semi-automatic cord feed system which we also call Tap’n go. The trimmer line is fed automatically when the head is pushed into the ground. This means that the userĀ  always controls when the line is fed and the line can be fed while working with the machine. The machine does not need to be turned off or released from the harness while feeding is taking place. T35 Universal includes a package with adapters that allow it to be attached to most other brands.


  • Open eyelet
  • Longer lifetime and less wear
  • Easy replacement of spare parts
  • Prolonged lifetime
  • Best suited for trimming grass
  • Easy to attach. load and use.
Exchangeable parts

Included parts can be exchanged seperately.


This provides test suited for trimming grass

Open eyelet

Provides for easy cord feeding.

Durability 4/5

Optimised material combinations for prolonged lifetime.


Article gross weight 564g
Article net weight 564g
Cord size Max 2.7mm
Cord size Min 2.4mm
Inner diameter 1″


Fits engine size 30-42cc
For straight shalt trimmers Yes
With adapter Yes


Master pack: Paper + Cardboard 0g
Metal total 0g
Paper Sg
Paper + Cardboard total Sg
PE total 58g
PET total 0g
Plastic foil 0g
Plastic rigid 58g
Plastic total 58g
PS/EPS/HIPS total 0g


Packaging height 65mm
Packaging length 275mm
Packaging volume 2.949dm3
Packaging width 165mm
Quantity in Master pack 44


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