Ideal for larger properties, commercial lots, leaf cleanup, rental, parks, city streets, school districts, or municipal festival cleanup. Powerful 6-blade impeller for maximum suction and debris reduction.

Picks up cans, grass clippings, litter and other debris with ease.

Displacement Dry Weight
187cm³ 81kg


29″ Steel Gobbler Door
is adjustable from the operator’s position for easy switching between hard surface, turf or hose applications.
Unique Top Fill Design
keeps dust out of operator’s face and ensures optimum filling.
3-Speed Transmission
(self-propelled only). Ultra-smooth and extremely durable.
Micro-Adjustable Height Control
Crank style for optimum performance on turf or hard surfaces.


Engine Model: 187cc Honda
Displacement: 187cm³
Self-Propelled: Yes
Bag: Mesh Turf
Bag Capacity: 151 Litres
Length: 162.5cm
Width: 74cm
Dry Weight: 81kg