Husqvarna Fixed Saw 300 CU

Husqvarna Fixed Saw 300 CU


The Husqvarna FixedSaw 300 CUhas a total lengthof 400 mm.and belongs to thenewgenerationof Husqvarnasaws.The rigid.curved sawblade withimpulsehardened precisiontoothing features triple grinding.Thismeansparticularly highsawing performance.quiet running,effort-saving sawing and a very long lifetime.The particularly smoothpulling cut is ideal for freshanddry wood.Rust has nochance to attack.Inaddition totheeyelet forhanging up thesaw, thisproduct has a bladecover so that ii canbe stored safely and ina handy place.During sawing.a stopat the end of the handle prevents you from slipping.This has provenparticularly useful during pulling movements.andassists youin making smooth progress.Thanks to the ergonomic.slightly angled handle shape and soft handle parts.this saw lies comfortably and safely inyour hand.


  • Easy sawing
  • A clean and smooth cut
  • Corrosion free for a long time
  • High quality blade for excellent cut

The hard-chrome-plated saw blade guarantees corrosion-free for a long period of time.

A clean and smooth cut

The hard-chrome-plated saw blade with impulse-hardened precision toothing with triple grinding ensures accurate cutting of branches. Notching in particular is made substantially easier.

Easy sawing

Outstanding ergonomics, top-quality materials, and of course the superb sawing performance with little use of force ensure easy sawing.

Quality blade

High quality steel blade that cuts on the pull stroke.


Article gross weight 400g
Article net weight 400g


Edge cover Yes
For cutting Branches

Green wood

Old twigs


Spare blade Yes


Master pack: Paper + Cardboard 0g
Metal total 0g
Other plastic rigid 10g
Paper 500g
Paper + Cardboard total 500g
PE total 0g
PET total 0g
Plastic foil 0g
Plastic rigid 10g
Plastic total 10g
PS/EPS/HIPS total 0g


Packaging height 40mm
Packaging length 550mm
Packaging volume 3.08dm3
Packaging width 140mm
Quantity in Master pack


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