Hearing Protectors, H200 And Alveo

Hearing Protectors, H200 And Alveo


These hearing protectors are developed for optimal ergonomics and prolonged use. They are equipped with unique polyurethane insert which provides maximum space for the ear. Best choice in respect of comfort and individual preferences.


Article gross weight 260g
Article net weight 260g


Master pack: Paper + Cardboard 0g
Metal total 0g
Other plastic rigid 21g
Paper 5g
Paper + Cardboard total 5g
PE total 0g
PET total 0g
Plastic foil 0g
Plastic rigid 21g
Plastic total 21g
PS/EPS/HIPS total 0g


Packaging height 190mm
Packaging length 94mm
Packaging volume 4.29dm3
Packaging width 240mm
Quantity in Master Pack 1


Sound and Noise
NRR 25 dB(A)
SNR 26 dB(A)


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