Combi Can 6L + 2.5L

Combi Can 6L + 2.5L


This in-house developed combi can has an effective fuel overfill protection. When the tank is full, the flow is automatically shut off and you can lift the can up without spillage. The cans can be separated from each other, with space for files and tools in between them.


  • Extra space to place files and other tools
  • Overfill protection prevents spilling
  • Placement keeps the cap in place
  • Date marking placed on the bottom of the can
Placement for cap

Placement on the can for fule and oil cap.

Overfill protection

When the tank is full, the flow is cut off automatically and you can lift up the can without spilling.

Space between cans

Space between cans for placing files and other tools.

Date marking

Date marking placed on the bottom of the can.


Approved according to UN Yes


Article gross weight 1221 g
Article net weight 1200 g
Volume oil 6&2.5
Volume on oil fuel & Grease0.1L 2.5l
Volume petrol 6&2.5


Packaging height 330mm
Packaging length 370mm
Packaging volume 15.246 dm³
Packaging volume 0.019 m³
Packaging width 155mm
Pallet layers 1
Quantity in Master pack 1



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