Chaps, Functional

Chaps, Functional


Husqvarna Functional Chaps with buckles and straps are designed to be easy to wear for light forestry work in hot conditions. Made from high quality materials, including Cordura® for maximum protection. High-quality fastenings and quick release leg clips ensure safety, productivity and comfort while you work. Whatever job needs doing, they help you handle it with ease.


  • Chain saw protection class 1 20 m/s
  • Open back and easy adjustment
  • Belt with buckle
Belt with buckle

The belt is equipped with a buckle making the chainsaw chaps easy to put on and take off.

Open back and easy adjustment

Straps and buckles as well as a hook and loop fastener at back enable easy adjustment.

Chainsaw protection class 1-20 m/s

Chainsaw protection class 1 according to EN ISO 11393-2:2019 and AS/NZS 4453.3:1997


Approved according to EN ISO 11393
Article gross weight 1,456 g
Article net weight 1,450 g
Size M


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