The Husqvarna 520iHE3 battery pole hedge trimmer combines petrol performance with zero emissions and extremely quit operation. With up to 3.5m reach, high cutting speed and Husqvarna durability, it gives pro-level productivity and results – but it quiet and clean enough for use even in residentials areas, hotels, hospitals and other noise sensitive environments. Remote control angle adjustments and comfortable handles make the 520iHE3 ideal for any operation. Compatible with all Husqvarna BLi-batteries and chargers.

Battery voltage Weight
36V 4.15kg


  • Choose savE'” mode for maximum runtime
  • Weatherproof (IPX4) – Use in all weather conditions
  • The key pad is very easy to operate.
  • Smart battery pack position. placed horizontally through the body of the machine.
  • In-house developed brushless motor provides a high and consistent torque.
  • Ergonomic handle with easy access to the controls.
  • The metal housing is designed to protect motor and gears.
  • The 4000 cuts per minute ensure great cutting results.
  • Easy grip to adjust the cutting angle.
  • The angle adjustment enable cutting of both high and low hedges.
  • Long reach for increased capacity.
  • Cutter bar easy foldable into transport mode.
  • Rear impact guard
  • Slimmed design makes it lightweight and well balanced.
  • Lownoise level for a pleasant work environment
  • Lowmaintenance and less downtime
  • The batteries within our system are built to be used over a long time, are quick to recharge and even quicker to swap for continuous use.
  • Gear up for nonstop operation
Intuitive key pad

They key pad is very easy to operate.


Weatherproof (IPX4)

This battery-oowered Husqvarna machine fulfils the IPX4 classification for rain resistance. This makes it a long-lasting and reliable tool that can be used all year round in all weather conditions


Choose between normal or savE™ mode, depending on conditions, for maximum power or maximum runtime. Either way, you’ll always get a perfect result.
it easy to maneuver in different positions.
to facilitate cutting the sides and top of hedges.

Battery through body design (Pat.pend)

Smart battery pack position, placed horizontally through the body of the machine. Reduces the risk of having dirt, chips, dust and water accumulate in the battery compartment, causing connector issues. Also, it means the weight of the battery can be placed in or near the desired center of gravity and in the rotational axis of the product., resulting in increased maneuverability. The through body design also offers a high degree of flexibility since it allows battery packs of different sized to be used.


Battery No
Battery charger Not included
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery voltage 36V
Number al batteries included 0
Cutting speed 4000cul/min
Teeth opening 32mm
Article gross weight 6025g
Article net weight 4225g
Full length, including cutting equipment 227cm
Knife Length 55cm
Length.transportation mode – metric 150cm
Weight 4.15kg
Weight (excl battery) 4.2kg
Gear ratio 0098
Motor type BLDC(brushless)
Drive gear angle 25°
Technical Plattorm HVA 36V 2-brush Pole
Connectivity Corded
Power /fuel type Battery
Packaging height 267mm
Packaging length 1848mm
Packaging volume 5.96dm3
Packaging width 235mm
Quantity in Master pack
Master pack: Paper + Cardboard 0g
Metal total 0g
Paper 6350g
Paper+ Cardboard total 6350g
PE total 0g
PET total 0g
Plastic foil 0g
Plastic rigid 0g
Plastic total 0g
PS/EPS/HIPS total 0g
Sound and Noise
Sound power level guaranteed (LWA) 95 dB(A)
Sound power level measured 94.1 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear 84 dB(A)
Daily Vibration (Aeqv) 26m/s2
Daily Vibration Exposure (AS) 1.7mis’
Daily Vibration Time (Time factor) 3.5h
Equivalent vibration level (ahv. eq) front handle 2.6m/s2
Equivalent vibration level (ahv. eq) rear handle 1.7m/s2