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Super e-START

The recoil pulling force has been reduced and the pulling operation is very smooth. It is thanks to the damper spring installed in our new Super e-START.


It separates out dust using a centrifugal method and intakes only clean air. The original ā€œdust-freeā€ features keeps air clean and needs maintenance far less frequently.


Do you need further details to make the right decision? Learn more in the specifications section below.

Ā Engine Specification
Cylinder displacement 37.2 cmĀ³ / 2.27 cu.inch
Fuel tank volume 0.31 lit / 10.48 fl oz


Ā Overall Dimensions
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) Ā 4.2 kg / 9.26 lbs


Ā Lubricants
Fuel tank volume 0.21lit / 0.44 US pint