PP 455 E

PP 455 E

*Used with Husqvarna CS 2512 Wire Saw

The electrically powered hydraulic unit PP 455 E is specially developed for the CS 2512 wire saw. It’s equipped with a water-cooled electric motor providing more efficient sawing, enabling you to work at full capacity for the entire saw process.

Voltage Weight
400 V 139 kg



  • Maximum machine life and power
  • 230 V power outlet
  • Flexible power setup
  • Adjustable handles
  • Easy transportation and positioning
  • Easy hose connection
  • Water-cooled heat exchanger
Maximum machine life and power

Hydraulic oil is cooled by a large 15-litres oil reservoir and 23cm fan to provide maximum machine life and power.


Adjustable handles

The handles are vertically adjustable and the power pack can be laid down on its handles during transport as well as operation.

Easy hose connection

Pressure compensation system makes it easy to connect the hoses with less effort.

Flexible power setup

Can be operated on both 32 A and 63 A fuses.



Output power 25 kW
Rated current 63 A
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power source Corded
Voltage 400 V
Oil capacity 16 l
Hydraulic oil flow 65 l/min
Hydraulic pressure (max) 230 bar
Pins 5
Weight 139 kg