FS 500 E

FS 500 E

Our CE-Eurotest certified FS 500 E is a versatile electric small push floor saw. Suitable for small sized service and repair jobs for a majority of floor sawing applications up to 187 mm cutting.

Output Power Weight
7.5 kW  145 kg


  • Zero CO₂ emissions during use
  • Prepared for connectivity
  • Adjustable handles
  • Easy to operate and service
  • Large integrated water tank
  • CE-Eurotest certified and IE3 complient
  • Easy to transport
Zero CO2 emissions during use

Enjoy the freedom of working with an electric machine. Explore the potential of new applications by running the machine indoors or in urban areas where emissions or noise levels might be regulated.


Easy to operate and service

Automatic soft start, phase error detection and phase shift plug ensures ease of use. Easy accessible daily greasing of blade shaft.

Large integrated water tank

Quick connection for water hose to the blade guard. No tools required for dis-assembly.

Easy to transport

Compact saw that is easy to lift.


Output power 7.5 kW
Engine cooling Air
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated current 14 A
Voltage 400 V
Phases 3 ph
Power source Corded
Cutting Equipment
Cutting depth (max) 190 mm
Blade diameter (max) 500 mm
Arbor diameter 25.4 mm
Blade depth control Indicator and mechanical stop
Product size length 1,180 mm
Product size width 560 mm
Product size height 1,000 mm
Weight 145 kg