ER 50

ER 50

ER 50 is a rotary drum cutter which fits all our demolition robots. It’s a highly productive tool for trenching, surface removal and profiling in rock, concrete and hard soil.

Hydraulic oil flow Weight
60 l/min 190 kg


Versatile giving high productivity

Excellent choice for trenching, surface removal, and profiling in rock, concrete or hard soil.


Improved efficiency for operator

Unique software solution enables sufficient flow and pressure for maximum working efficiency and mobility.

Low noise and vibration level

Suitable for use on restricted jobsites and sensitive urban areas.

Precise with economic benefits

The 56 tungsten carbide-tipped picks provides a precise and more even surface and smaller grains compared to other hydraulic tools. Cut material can be used as backfill.


Hydraulic oil flow 60 l/min
Type of tool Drum cutters
Rotational angle 360°
Incoming pressure (max) 350 bar
Operating pressure (max) 200 bar
Product size length 872 mm
Product size width 500 mm
Product size height 436 mm
Weight 190 kg