DXR 95

DXR 95

Compact and portable, the new DXR 95 brings pure demolition power to all kinds of confined areas – from narrow passageways to tight crawl spaces, and even steep inclines. When it comes to boosting your productivity, the new DXR 95 is a demolition robot that delivers maximum impact.

Motor Power Weight
9.8 kW 589 kg


  • Superior Remote Control
  • Automatic Greasing
  • Easy Access For Service
  • Excellent Thermal Management
  • Powerful Illumination
  • Manages Steep Inclines
Small Footprint

The DXR 95 fits in an ordinary van – perfect for construction and industrial applications.


Heavy-duty Arm System

The arm is robust, strong and durable yet low in weight.

Superb Power-to-weight Ratio

Compact and powerful, yet low in weight.

Protection of Vital Parts

The electric motor, hoses and cables are protected by the robust lower chassis.


Max transport speed 3 km/h
Max slope angle 30°
Rotation Degrees 250°
Reach Up 3.2 m
Reach Forward 2.7 m
Hydraulic System
Volume (Hydraulic System) 30 l
Max Pump Flow 0-32 l/min
Standard Pressure 180 bar
Increased Main Pressure 250 bar
Motor Power 9.8 kW
Speed 1417 rpm
Rated Voltage 380-420 V
Rated Current 16 A
Width 600 mm
Length 1,510 mm
Height 887 mm
Weight 589 kg