The AE401H eliminates cumbersome feeling of a conventional center drum found on other units on the market, which is prone to wear, vibration and damage. Instead of bulky steel weights, water weight is positioned directly over the tines when more weight and better aeration depth is needed.

Displacement Dry Weight
118cm³ 110kg


The outboard drive wheels
eliminate both center wheel slip and damage from ramp
loading with the tines engaged.
Proprietary water tank
eliminates bulky side weights. Full tank capacity is 50 lbs.
Tilt up serviceability
plus Fold-n-Go™
handles are excellent for transport and storage and fold without tools.
Single bolt tine fastener
Rock solid and easy to service. 50% less bolts than other units
on the market.


Engine Model: 118cc Honda
Displacement: 118cm³
Tines 24
Tine Pattern 4.75″ x 7″ (12 cm x 18 cm)
Coring Tines .625″ x 3.5″ (1.6 cm x 8.9 cm)
Length: 57″ (145 cm)
Width: 29″ (74 cm)
Height: 52.5″ (133 cm)
Dry Weight: 110kg