Enjoy comfort, performance and durability with a compact 200V Series mower. An ergonomic design and integrated, multi-point suspension, coupled with the industry’s most comfortable seat, lets you stay comfortably in control of every mowing maneuver – even at faster mowing speeds.

Cylinder Displacement Weight
810 cm³ 435.4 kg


  • 5.5-inch deep decks designed for exceptional durability
  • The QuikAjust'” DropPin'” Height Adjustment makes cutting height change fast and simple.
  • Iso-mounting eliminates vibration before it reaches the seat
  • Only two Access-Eze'” lubrication points cut maintenance time up to 95%.
  • Grasshopper’s intelligent design transfers more power to the cutting deck to maintain optimum blade tip speed and enhance cut quality
Mow in Comfort

Sink into a deep-cushioned, scuff-resistant CoolTemp Cordura®-covered Premium Comfort seat with padded lumbar support and armrests

Responsive Steering

The Hydra-Smooth™ dampened dual swing-out levers deliver effortless control of speed and direction, and they easily
adjust to your reach, and automatically return to neutral when levers are released.

Ergonomic Controls

Eliminate twisting or turning with our ergonomically designed View-Eze™ operator station. It maximizes visibility and puts operational controls and an adjustablecup holder at your fingertips.

Sized for Productivity

With a MidMount™ V Series mower, you’ll move in and out of tight spaces with precise handling.


Engine Model Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-twin
Displacement 810cc
Mowing Decks
Construction 10-gauge plus 10-gauge formed steel spindle plane
Cutting Height range 1.0 – 5.0 inch (2.5 – 12.7cm) in 1/4 inch increments
Forward 0 – 9.0 mph (0 – 14.5 km/h)
Reverse 0 – 6.0 mph (0 – 9.7 km/h)
Dimensions (Mower & Deck)
Mulch Width / Length 53.5 inch (135.9 cm) / 76.0 inch (193.0 cm)
Height (Seat Back) 46.0 inch (116.8 cm)
Height (Seat Cushion) 30.0 inch (76.2 cm)
Height (ROPS) 68.0 inch (172.2 cm)
Weight 435.4 kg