Husqvarna Foldable Saw 200 FO

Husqvarna Foldable Saw 200 FO


The Husqvarna Folding Saw 200 FO belongs to the new generation of Husqvarna saws. This saw has a total length of 470 mm, making it an easy-to-use allยญ rounder for cutting back thicker branches. It is ideal for all minor sawing work in the garden and also, for outdoor activities. It is lightweight and effective at the same time. The hard-chrome-plated saw blade has impulse-hardened precision toothing with triple grinding which ensures fast results with little use of force and a superb. precise cut Notching in particular is made substantially easier. Rust has no chance to attack. You can carry this handy Folding Saw around with you in the garden. for example, by safely folding it and locking it securely to put your trouser pocket Whenever you need your saw. simply open it up again using the thumb hole. The lock button holds the saw securely and safely in three different settings. And if you don’t require the saw. simply fold it together again. The saw blade will disappear safely into the beautifully shaped handle. During sawing. A stop at the end of the handle prevents you from slipping. This has proven particularly useful during pulling movements. and assists you in making smooth progress. Thanks to the ergonomic. slightly angled handle shape and soft handle parts. this saw lies comfortably and safely in your hand. You can saw one-handed or two-handed as required. The saw can be stored without taking up much room and in a handy place using the eyelet.


Safe handling

The saw can be locked in different positions. It is safe in both open and closed conditions.

A clean and smooth cut

The hard-chrome-plated saw blade with impulse-hardened precision toothing with triple grinding ensures accurate cutting of branches. Notching in particular is made substantially easier.

Easy sawing

Outstanding ergonomics, top-quality materials, and of course the superb sawing performance with little use of force ensure easy sawing.

Ergonomic handle

For better grip and comfort when pruning.


Article gross weight 370 g
Article net weight 370 g
2 positions (handle type) Yes
Edge cover Yes
For cutting
  • Branches
  • Green wood
  • Old twigs
  • Thick branches
Spare blade Yes


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