Hook Tool, Arborist, Metal

Hook Tool, Arborist, Metal


A chain saw hook with a robust construction. Fits any harness that has a removable belt. The design makes it easy to connect a chainsaw to a belt using just one hand.



Integration test value HSC Market 20170206


Article gross weight 142g
Article net weight 142g
Weight 0.12kg


Colour Metal Steel
Master pack: Paper + Cardboard 0g
Metal total 0g
Other plastic: rigid 100g
Paper + Cardboard total 0g
PE total 0g
PET total 0g
Plastic foil 0g
Plastic rigid 100g
Plastic total 100g
PS/EPS/HIPS total 0g


Packaging height 20mm
Packaging length 220mm
Packaging volume 0.44dm3
Packaging width 100mm
Quantity in Master pack